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Ok, so I've never really done a blog before... like ever! I'm not even really sure what I'm suppose to write on here so I'm just gonna talk about my feelings and battle with self-harming, everyday life for me and stuff like that.. so here goes...               Ok.. so New Year new start for me.. I want to get my self-harming sorted out and stop feeling like a freak... New Year Revolution.. to keep my feelings to myself and don't tell anyone else.. that way I wont hurt everyone. Sounds easy right?! Wrong. Sometimes the pain get so much I just have to tell someone. It's like I dying to tell someone not for attention but because I have been holding it in for so long it starts to hurt inside. If someone asks me if I'm ok it will all come spilling out... that's if I trust them.. thankfully to my trust issues I don't trust many people at all so it will be easyish... but sometime I just want to tell anybody who will listen that I'm having a bad day... It normally gets me in trouble opening my mouth like that, I told my favourite trusted teacher about what I was doing, she got taken away from me.. that did more damage to me then good. I want her to be happy but I felt lost without her. She was like my rock. My shoulder to cry on. In a way, because I never had a good relationship with my mum, she was my mother-like figure. I trusted her with all my heart but then she told my friends what I did and told the other teachers, I know she did it out of the goodness of her heart and with her best intentions but it hurt to know she didn't keep it quite. It hurt a lot and I began to lose trust in her...   Anyway enough of the past it's a new year, there's no point crying over the past (unless your me and can't let go off it!). But this year will be different... Hopefully

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